This is a step-by-step course for incinerating FAT, building MUSCLE, and looking like a GOD!!

Are you Fed up WASTING hours in the Gym, NOT
getting the Physique you Want ?

Do you feel like you’re missing a SECRET piece of the Puzzle?

Are you wondering what you’re doing Wrong?

Are you feeling Frustrated with not getting Results FAST enough?

Finally, here’s a Step-by-Step Plan for getting the Lean Body and the amazing Athletic, Muscular look you’ve always dreamed of.

Recent discoveries in Metabolic Conditioning show there is a much Faster and Easier way to get the Body you want.

It’s time to build the body you’ve always wanted!

FACT: Most guys at the gym just don’t realise what they’re doing is wrong…

In reality, you can go to the gym every day but that doesn’t mean you’re making progress.

It’s a sad fact but even with all that hard work, spending hours pumping heavy weights and sweating away, you are most likely wasting your time… unless you’re armed with a scientifically proven metabolic program!

Most so-called “Fitness Vloggers” don’t know what they’re talking about.

They talk about their opinions as facts. That’s not science. It’s rubbish!

If you’re Frustrated with the results you are getting currently… and you want the body of a Greek god and want to achieve a great muscular physique, then you need to learn the Body Vision strategy method for building lean muscle.

So the Big 4x Questions are:

  • What is the real SECRET to turning yourself into a fat burning, muscle building machine..? One that incinerates fat 24/7
  • What’s the Quickest, most Effective and Efficient way to pack on pounds of Lean hard muscle..?
  • What are the latest Scientifically “Proven” Strategies that make all the difference?
  • What is the Missing “Ingredient” that makes all the difference… between having an insane body and that of the average Joe schmoo!

FORTUNATELY, that’s exactly
what I’m going to teach you..!


You need a Personal Trainer
(NOT the “bro-science” you find on YouTube)


I’ve spent the last 2 years crafting the Perfect mix of the LATEST
cutting edge Science, proven bio mechanics AND 13 years of Personal Training
experience into “The Ultimate Fat Loss” course & Online Training Programme….

The Ultimate
Fat Loss Course

I have spent the last two years creating this unique
step-by-step system for creating the body you want!


You’ve waited long enough…

The guaranteed “FAT INCINERATION” System
is finally here!

The road to the body of your dreams

This is the Ultimate Body Transformation Course. I will personally take you through all the steps
you need…

Using my simple step-by-step videos, pictures, spreadsheets, motivational emails, daily reminders, nutritional programs, and exercise guides, you will finally achieve that shredded muscular physique you’ve always been after!



What makes this system different?

This isn’t just another workout program. This is a COMPLETE Body Transformation Course.

It has everything you need to graduate from the average body type to the masterclass. You’ll go from the bottom to the very top in just 90 DAYS.

What is Included:

This is all the Information you need, all the Knowledge, all Exercises, step by step Videos, Nutritional Guides, Recipes, Support, Online Community, Exercise Sheets, Progress Tracking PLUS it’s all contained on a Handy App

It’s like working with your very own Personal Trainer working 1-2-1 with you AND having your own personal Chef & nutritionist cooking every meal with you… And having them on call 24/7… Amazing!

When you Join today – you’ll get VIP Access to:

150+ Full-HD Video Exercise Guides

I’ll guide you through all 12 weeks of the Programme with easy to follow Video guides. These videos allow you to train at your own pace and are extremely easy to follow…

    • Enjoy easy watchable Step-by-Step Video Guides
    • Watch on your Smartphone or tablet!
    • No more wasting your time on YouTube looking for “How to’s
    • Saves you money! No need to spend hundreds of dollars
      on a Personal Trainer.

Just like having me as your Personal Trainer 24/7


Guarantees you’re Exercising & Working out Correctly

Exercise Library Guides

The 90 Day Body Transformation Challenge is a simple to follow progressive exercise plan broken down into 3 phases.

It is a scientifically proven model that really works!

  • You’ll get full access to a Library of images and step-by-step guides & detailed teaching points, breaking down each exercise.
  • Easy to follow Tips & tricks for how to exercise correctly for maximum Impact & fast Benefits!
  • Access All My Exercise Secrets & Teaching points to get that amazing Lean body the quickest and easiest way
  • My very own “Personal Coaching” methodology for learning the exercise quickly, and efficiently…to get Impressive Gains Fast!

90 Days Of Workout Logs

Your workout time is precious. Why waste time writing down the same workout over and over again?

That’s why we created personalised workout logs

When you join, you’ll get FREE Access to:

  • 90 days of Workout Logs both downloadable & accessible also on the Body Vision App.
  • Handy AND very Convenient.
  • Stay Focused & keep Motivated
  • These easy-to-use workout logs are vital
    & help Track your improvements over time.
  • All Tracking is in the Palm of your Hand



Easily Track & Record all your progress and watch as the fat melts away and your muscles grow.


Plan for Success! Never waste time thinking about what you going to be eating and when.

Meal Planners
(90 Days worth)

Easy planning! You get 90 DAYS of meal planners. You’ll know what to eat, when to eat it, and how to make it. That’s right…we’ve planned out all 90 days of meals with their recipes

When you join, you’ll get FREE Access to:

  • Caloric and Macronutrient breakdown for every single meal
  • All meals are based on your own bespoke weight category, aiming for optimal fat burning
  • Meal times and Eating schedules all Mapped out in advance. Handy!
  • Best of all, I make your shopping list for you! (No more wondering around in the store. You’ll know what you’re there for every time)

Fat Burning Recipes

Sick of bland meals? Bored with eating chicken breasts? Food should never be boring. Enjoy meals again with our delicious Recipes:

When you join, you’ll get FREE Access to:

  • Delicious Meals with all Recipes
  • All Recipes with step-by-step instructions on HOW to cook each meal
  • Shopping lists so you know what foods to buy  for a ripped physique
  • Over 120 meals & recipes to make Fat burning easy

No more boring, bland Meals… Meal times should be easy, delicious & Fun!


The “Body Vision” App

Everything on this page, in the 90 day Challenge & Ultimate Fat Loss Course… is now ALL contained within the palm of your hand, thanks to
our handy App.

The “Body Vision” App allows you to:

  • Keep Track of your Reps, sets, and weight lifted.
  • Direct access to all Videos, How to video demonstrations, teaching points, Audios, guides  and meal planners.
  • Film yourself exercising and send it directly to me for personalised feedback!
  • Get to see how your fitness levels are increasing with automated Charts within the app.
  • Receive daily reminders about your training
    and diet tasks (don’t miss a thing)
  • Make notes as you Progress and keep a detailed food diary.
  • Instant messaging and communication with Nikos via the app’s messaging centre

Plus a whole lot more….

1-2-1 Skype Mindset Coaching

If you want to succeed, you need to be motivated and driven. That’s where I come in!

With 1-2-1 Mindset Coaching, we dig down together to find what’s going to push you to Succeed.

  • Your Success is 90% Mindset
  • The Brain gives up waaaayy before the Body ever does
  • Discover your secret “ REAL” Motivators
  • Uncover the Limiting beliefs that are holding you back & stopping you having that dream body.

Together, we find your motivation and what will help to keep you on track. Once you know why you want success, there will be nothing to stop you.


Why do you want to achieve that physique..?
Whats “REALLY” stopping you?
What is truly motivating you to chase this dream..?


Never miss a task as we’ll be doing weekly check ins

Weekly Motivational emails & Daily reminders

Ongoing support is vital. That’s why I offer instant access & motivation delivered directly to your inbox!

When you join, you’ll receive:

  • Weekly emails containing motivational quotes
  • Daily best Tips & Tricks for maximising your results.
  • Daily Reminders & Prompts
  • VIP exclusive members only videos with new training techniques and nutritional tips.

Expert Support & Guidance – 24/7

Got questions? Need help and support? Not sure how many calories are right for you?
Body Vision offers unbeatable Customer support!

When you join, you’ll get FREE Access to:

  • Contact me via Skype & Whats App for Fast 1-2-1 follow-up
  • Detailed answers to your questions
  • Clear and simple instructions
  • Bespoke and tailored for YOU

It’s important that you are surrounded by the right support so you don’t lose your edge


Join and be part of this Inspirational community

Join Our Like-minded Community!

Connect with other like-minded people who like you & going through the same program using the 90 Day Transformation Challenge

When you join, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect and share your Journey & experiences
  • Share your stories & celebrate your Progress
  • View & upload your pictures of inspiration
  • Motivate & Inspire each other and exchange exercise Hints, Tricks & tips.

Our Private Group is full of inspiring, highly motivated, succesful people just like you

What makes this system different?

This isn’t just another workout program. This is a COMPLETE body transformation course.

It has everything you need to graduate from the average body type to the masterclass. You’ll go from the bottom to the very top in just 90 DAYS.

Give yourself the body & THE LIFE YOU WANT!

The Ultimate Fat Loss Course is Here


Your journey to create a lean and muscular physique starts here.

The most efficient
system is NOW HERE!



If you join today for just £1 trial a service for 30 days, you’ll get the following awesome bonuses totally free


Healthy Recipe Menu eBook

Want to make your friends taste buds go mad with these delicious and nutritious meals?

If you sign up today, I’ll be sending you over my extensive and personal healthy recipe book.

Inside, you’ll find the BEST recipes for making tasty and healthy meals.

No more of the same old, same old. Enjoy new meals each week!

These meals will support your goals of fat loss and muscle building.

You’ll know how to make yourself high protein meals & snacks that are amazing, delicious, and fresh!


Who said you need a boring diet whilst burning fat and building muscle


Abs of Steel Workout eBook


Have you ever wondered how to get that 3D look of definition on your mid-section..?

If you sign up today, I’ll also be sending you my TOP best AB circuit combinations eBook.

A FREE Step by Step training guide, explaining how to combine the 10 most efficient core exercises for a ripped mid-section!

Easy to follow guide with HD images and Detailed instructions for correct technique and safe form.

Essential core exercises that will boost and support your core imbalances and weaknesses and increase your overall fitness strength!

Develop and sculpt a shredded six-pack that will not only turn heads, BUT will also offer you great functionality and a strong torso.

Yes, Abs are made in the kitchen but only if you’re sculpting them correctly with the most efficient exercise combinations


Mystery Bonus

Mystery Bonus for the next 24 hours only I’m offering a very special Bonus for the next 29 new Trial members. I’m not going to tell you what it is… It’s a Mystery until you join!

But Trust me, this is a Bonus valued at £197 and it’s very exciting!





Real Stories. Real People. Real Results…


Nikos has helped me to become a more confident gym goer, to appreciate the results you can achieve if you apply yourself fully and he helped me improve my body by becoming stronger, fitter and leaner. I wouldn’t be able to achieve the results of the last few months if it wasn’t for Nikos. He has completely transformed my life!

– Nick Coyle


Nikos has exceeded all my expectations. He made sure that he had a good understanding of my fitness goals, keeps the workout fresh every time and always gives you that extra push to keep you going. I could not recommend him highly enough.

– Jon Douglas


Completing the transformation programme with Nikos has delivered results which I never would have thought possible. His transformational workouts and rigorous diet planning have been a game-changer in helping me to achieve my fitness goals. If you’re looking to transform your body, look no further!

– Rob Farrington

A Personal story from Nikos

Hi my name is Niko,

I’m a successful certified Personal trainer with over a decade in the industry. I’ve helped to change the lives of thousands of people and I’ve pretty much seen it all!

Trust me when I say, I haven’t always been a shining example of fitness myself. Seeing my pictures, you might assume I’ve always looked like this or had this body type…

The irony is I was actually a very overweight kid up until the age of 17! I was honestly the fattest kid in my class. I know it’s hard to believe right but seriously, I’ve been there!


It’s no fun being the outsider, I never felt good about myself, I felt very depressed, I was embarrassed by my own body and my self-esteem was about as low as it could be.

But then one day I decided to make a chance! I knew I was the only one holding myself back!

I had a lightbulb moment… I realised that in order to change the way I looked and the way I felt, I had to do something different!

My personal dedication to fitness began when I was 17 years old. Following a strict regime of resistance training, cardiovascular exercise in addition to a well-balanced diet, I was able to achieve my ideal physique.

At the age of 20 I went on to my Greek National Service, where I became a Special Forces, Airborne Commando Instructor.

As you can imagine, teaching soldiers how to jump from an aeroplane and land smoothly is not an easy task. It requires intense skill and a body that is built to handle the intense and physically demanding training. It was my task and responsibility to make sure every trainee was able to become the ultimate version of themselves and to overcome every obstacle that stopped them from reaching their goals!

Health and fitness, as well as aesthetics, has been my life so I know I am in the best position to help you!



Nikos is an excellent trainer. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient and supportive, he gives you help and encouragement to move from one level of fitness to another. It’s always something new within every session so it keeps my body challenged all the time. I heartily recommend him.

– Seb Fahr


Never seen someone more focused on me than I am. From day one Nikos is there to make sure your progress and your body look better week by week. If you know what you want and you focus on Nikos’s tips YOU WILL GET THE RESULTS!!

– Thanos Tsanaktsis


My aim was to reduce my body fat and increase lean muscle and within 8 weeks of the course I could already see the changes and saw my abs for the first time in 10 years! Couldn’t have been more happy! He’s always on the end of a text or email if you need his support and advice too. If you want results, go with Nikos!

– Atish Chauhan

If you’re TRULY interested in crafting a body
you can be PROUD of, then I have

Are You A “Doer”…or Just a “Talker..?”

If you’re a “Doer,” that doesn’t mean you can’t request some expert assistance!

It’s the actions you take that will help you achieve your goal. I want to be there to give you the knowledge you need to succeed!

Here’s the problem: Most personal trainers are a dime a dozen…

So how do you separate those who walk the talk from
the ones who merely…talk?


At Body Vision, we practice what we preach.
We use our own programs because they are packed with the most effective industry tweaks and hacks!


We’re making these industry strategies available to YOU in order to help you achieve your goal.

Look at the list below…

Have you heard these common excuses
(or do YOU use them yourself)?

  • It’s just my bad genetics.
  • I don’t have the time
  • I’ve tried! It just doesn’t work
  • It’s too difficult!
  • It doesn’t matter what I do, I’ll never lose
    the weight
  • I’m doing the work… Nothing is working
  • And so on and so on and so on.

The sad fact is these are ALL JUST LIES. Losing weight and having a lean muscular physique is simple… You know what you have to do!

The problem is that you might not know how to do it…
You need to know the right way to exercise and eat!
How to tailor it around YOUR lifestyle…

The way to do this is to have a systemised plan for achieving your goals!

That’s where
The 90 Day Transformation Challenge
comes in!

With “The Ultimate Fat Loss Course”, you’ll discover things like:

  • The Scientific Reason for why your lower abdomen is the last place to lose fat
  • The role of Genetics in where fat is placed
  • How to break through your genetics to add more lean muscle in the next 90 days than you have in the last 18 months (no joke!)
  • Foods you shouldn’t really consume – unless you want to lose every shred of your hard earned muscle (the worst part is that you probably consume these every day)
  • My number one A-B training strategy for developing an incredible six-pack that demands attention and makes your sex appeal skyrocket to the highest level
  • How to actually ENJOY cooking
  • Why if I’m doing the work… Nothing seems to be working
  • The best combinations of training that’s effective and FUN





What You’re About to Discover:

  • Industry secrets for fat incineration and muscle building
  • How to beat genetics to accomplish your goals
  • The truth about fat and muscle
  • Why you have failed at getting the results you want
  • Making Nutrition simple
  • Understanding supplementation and your goals
  • The best Exercises for insane muscle
  • The foods to avoid if you want to gain Muscle and lose fat
  • Tips and tricks used by Celebrities and Professional trainers for muscle building
  • How good it feels to achieve your dream body

Frequently Asked Questions


A: It depends on who you are…

For those beginners that are overweight and have over 20 kg to lose, you may experience a higher initial weight loss. Once your body disposes of waste and toxins, your weight loss will continue at the 750 grams to 1 kilogram per week rate. You’ll notice a change on the Scales immediately. It’ll be important to measure yourself as well. You’ll be able to feel how baggy your trousers will get.



A: Absolutely

You won’t find a more user-friendly 90 Day program out there. This entire program has been designed to ensure complete user-friendliness. We want you to focus on getting the body you want and not being confused by a weird layout. It’s simple and it’s effective. What more could you ask for?


A: You’ll get the following when you sign up with The Ultimate Fat Loss Course:


Q: “Do I need to know how to cook to be successful with nutrition?”

A: No! Not at all!

I make it extremely simple to succeed. First, I create your shopping list for you. Next, I tell you which meals to eat at the right times. Finally, I’ll explain HOW to cook through my recipe series. Cooking couldn’t be easier.


A: Everyone falls off the horse.

The important thing is that you get back on. That’s why we have “The Ultimate Fat Loss Course” online community. You’ll get plenty of words of inspiration from other people just like you. You’ll also receive weekly motivational e-mails and daily notifications/reminders and you could always hop on a
video call with me.


I have only been training with Nikos for just over 3 months and have made more gains than I managed in the previous year training on my own. Nikos inspiration, enthusiasm and skill has renewed my drive to train. He always makes my training programmes challenging, yet enjoyable and I find myself looking forward to each one of them.

– Sam Roberts


I cannot recommend Nikos highly enough! His enthusiasm for my progress is obvious and he is never less than encouraging, he is extremely knowledgeable and clear in setting and explaining routines. But, what really sets him apart is the speed and accuracy with which he tuned into my personal goals and my particular workout preferences resulting in my programmes being both targeted and enjoyable.

– Craig Robinson


Before taking on Nikos as my online personal trainer my body was constantly reaching plateau, however, I have seen drastic improvements in a few short months and I plan to continue on this course in the future. I have also recommended friends to Nikos, all with the similar results.

– Malek Mohammed